Regional Council

of North Karelia

Regional Council of North Karelia

The work in the office of the Regional Council of North Karelia is led by Region Mayor Markus Hirvonen, who is assisted by a staff of approx­im­ately 45 persons.

The Regional Council of North Karelia is regional, polit­ic­ally guided, municipal coali­tion for the devel­op­ment and interest super­vi­sion in the region. It is respons­ible for regional planning and general coordin­a­tion of regional devel­op­ment programs related to national and EU struc­tural funds. The Council oversees the interests of the people, municip­al­ities, organ­iz­a­tions and enter­prises and speaks on their behalf regarding both national and inter­na­tional questions.

The work of the Regional Council is inter­sect­oral; it cooper­ates between different admin­is­trative sectors, organ­iz­a­tions, business life and inhab­it­ants. It outlines regional devel­op­ment targets, key projects and measures through the regional planning system that consists of the regional devel­op­ment plan, the regional strategic programme and the regional land use plan. Regional Council is also in charge of inter­na­tional activ­ities of the region in its fields of activities.

The highest decision-making body of regional admin­is­tra­tion is the Regional Council Assembly, which is elected by a meeting of deleg­ates from the member local author­ities. Executive functions are carried out by the Admin­is­trative Board, which is elected by the Assembly. This system of elected repres­ent­at­ives ensures that the inhab­it­ants and local author­ities have their own say on regional issues and decision-making.

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